Memorable and striking images are more than just the coming together of talent and technology. A passion for the art, formal education and years of experience are also paramount.

Being one of Australia's most widely published photographers, I have photographed Monica Radulovic—Miss Universe Australia 2015. I have also produced work for the Woolworths retail group on a weekly basis for over five years—the work appearing in their nationally distributed catalogues, internet, TV and press adverts and their in-store point-of-sale imagery and 'Fresh' magazine—covering product, liquor, food and fashion.

Over the years, more and more elements from high-end fashion photography have found their
way into wedding photography. So the ability to paint with light whilst letting the moment happen is more important than ever. O
n your wedding day, I combine the candid and the formal – all embellished with casual styling and culminating in a variety of genres of photography – fashion, documentary, journalistic and fine art – giving a complete ‘picture’ of your special day.

I have completed studies in both photography and graphics with NSW TAFE and, since 2001, produced imagery for wedding couples, large corporate clients, ad agencies, schools
and up-and-coming models.

Monica Radulovic – Miss Universe Australia 2015.

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